Legal Clinic at the Library

There will be a free legal clinic (via computer link) for parties who have no attorney held the second Wednesday of every month. Please call the library at 719 539-4826 to make a reservation.

The Checkerboard is a free single point-of-entry web site providing 24/7 “one-click” public access for all forms, statutes, rules, instructions, flowcharts, and videos for each of over 50 different types of Colorado civil cases.

Using nearly 800 nested web links, The Checkerboard seamlessly connects users with free access to over 160 different web sites, ranging from Colorado’s own state judicial web site, to Colorado Legal Services, to the Law Library of the Library of Congress. In some areas, the Checkerboard includes automated form-filling software (A2J), and will eventually accommodate electronic filing of court documents by the public when that becomes available in Colorado.

The Checkerboard web site works on all platforms (smart phones, desktops, tablets), and all operating systems (Microsoft, Apple, Android, Linux). It’s all free, with no login, and open to everyone. Everything on the Checkerboard web site can be downloaded and printed for free.