Book Donations & Book Sales

Book Sales:

The library hosts a book sale about every six months, usually the weekend closest to Halloween and then also the end of April/beginning of May. The date is set about four weeks prior to the sale and is publicized in the newspaper and with flyers posted around town.

Book sales occur on a single day, usually a Saturday, and encompass the hours the library is open. Admission is free and anyone may attend. We do not have an early bird program for our book sales.

The vast majority of material in the book sales comes from donations to the library. Other items may include damaged or discarded items from the library collection. Typically, the price structure for the opening hours of a book sale is as follows:

Hardcover books – $2.00
Mass market paperbacks – $0.50
CDs & DVDs – $1.00
6 Mass market paperbacks – $1.00
Marked sets of books – As marked
Antique / special books (when available) – As marked

Prices are slashed a few hours into the sale.


The library reserves the right to refuse any materials. All donated items become property of Salida Regional Library.

The library accepts book and DVD donations on the first and third Fridays of each month between 9 – 11 a.m.

Please leave items with library volunteer who will be stationed by the elevator near the front doors.

Volunteers and/or library staff reserves the right to refuse material for the following reasons:

      • poor condition
      • book sale at capacity (no room!)
      • unable to use for our collection, or resale

We do not accept moldy items, damaged items, or any item in ill condition.

If you would like to donate an item only if it will be added to the collection, please speak with the director first.

We do not accept Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, magazines, textbooks, VHS cassettes, toys, games, artwork, computer program CDs, or sets of encyclopedia. We also ask that you do not donate books that are musty, moldy, dirty, broken, or missing portions.

Book donations pertaining to the history of Salida, Colorado are always welcome.

If you need assistance bringing the books in from the curb, please ask at the desk. We do not offer a home pick-up service.