Shoutbomb Text Messaging

Shoutbomb is the software service that allows libraries to send SMS mesages to all message-enabled phones. Patrons can reply, using pre-selected keywords, to request additional information or carry out tasks such as renewing items. The software supports multiple languages and can be configured in a way to suit your needs.

Keep up to date with your library account by signing up for Shoutbomb text alerts. With this text messaging service, you can use your phone to:

    • Receive text notices about holds that are available, items due soon, overdue items and fines
    • Send a text to renew items (when available)
    • Check the status of all your library items

To sign up:

Text SIGNUP to 844 225-9488 (to receive your messages in Spanish, use REGISTRESE instead of SIGNUP)

Enter your library card number (full number with no spaces, e.g. P000000000)

Enter email address (optional)


call 719 539-4826 and have a library staff member change your notification preference to text messaging.

An FYI of Shoutbomb text message commands:

Other commands (send all keywords to

HOLDS: This is a notice that you have holds ready to be picked up.

OVERDUE: This is a notice that things are already overdue.

RENEW: This is a notice that things will soon be due, and you can renew them.

FEES: This is a notice that there are fines or fees owed.

TEST: Test your connection to the service.

MYBOOKS: Inquire about the status of all of your library items.

HL: Get a list of holds that are ready to be picked up.

STOP: Immediately remove your number from the text service.

When will text messages be sent and received? Texts will be sent only when activity to your account triggers a message and will be sent between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.