Meeting Rooms

Guidelines for meeting room use

Meeting rooms are available on a first-come, first served basis. In fairness to all, a single group may not use the meeting room more than once a week, unless the room is available on a walk-in basis. The rooms may be booked in advance by calling the library at 719 539-4826 or by coming into the library to reserve space. Smaller meeting rooms and the study room can be used by persons ten years of age and older. Actual booking may be done by an adult. Meeting room reservations can be made on a recurring basis, two months at a time only (the current month and the next month).

The Tolkien Room must be approved by the director once paperwork and deposit have been submitted.

Groups should notify the library 24 hours in advance to cancel a reservation. If a group has not arrived or called to report a delay within 15 minutes after the scheduled time, the room is forfeit and library staff may allow others to use the room.

Room usage is not intended for commercial/for profit individuals, groups, or organizations.

The purpose of the library meeting rooms is for tutoring, studying, test taking, professional parent/child visitation sessions, civic, community, cultural or educational purposes. The intent is not as a storage area for personal items, sleeping, etc.


A reservation application and agreement must be signed to reserve this meeting room. Please fill out the following application and bring in to the library to confirm your meeting. The Tolkien Room reservation must be approved by the director once paperwork and deposit have been submitted.

The Tolkien Room – max. capacity 45

The Dickens Room – max. capacity 6

The Austen Room – max. capacity 6

The Seuss Room – max. capacity 4


Meeting rooms are available free of charge. A $25 refundable cleaning fee deposit will be charged for the large meeting room (Tolkien) only, and fee must accompany the application. Cash or check only will be accepted. If the applicant is denied, the fee will be returned. Should any unusual cleaning need to be done as a result of a group’s use of the library, a reasonable charge will be made to the group at the current janitorial rate of $25/hour.

Requirements for after-hours usage

Reservations for the Tolkien Room may be requested for after hours use. The room will not be available after 10 p.m. In addition to the regular rules and regulations, the reserving group must request and pay for an employee to be present in the building (not necessarily in the room) during the meeting. The reserving group must pay the employee a fee of $20/hour cash or check to be on duty, payable at the time of booking the space.

Meeting Room Regulations

A reservation for meeting room use will include the name of the group or person making reservation, date and times of meetings, nature of meeting, telephone number of contact person, and number of people attending. An application must be submitted for the Tolkien meeting room.

Library audiovisual equipment is available to groups using the Tolkien meeting room. The library will not supply an AV operator. If instruction in the use of the equipment is necessary, arrangements must be made with the library director at least 24 hours in advance of meeting time.

Light refreshments (i.e. coffee and cookies) may be prepared in the kitchenette. The library director must approve service of all refreshments. Groups must supply their own coffee, cream, sugar, and paper goods. Each group using the kitchenette is responsible for cleaning up before leaving.

No food or beverage may be stored in the library’s refrigerators other than the day of the scheduled meeting.

All preparations for refreshments must be made in the kitchenette, and not in the lobby area.

Smoking of any kind (including vaping) is not permitted anywhere in the library, including all meeting rooms, lobbies, restrooms, etc.

No drugs or contraband may be used and/or in possession of any person on library premises.

Decorations must be limited to those items which can stand on the floor or a table, and which conform to fire regulations.

Nothing may be attached to walls or ceilings of the meeting room other than walls designed for displays (i.e. designated tack board, display strip, or white board). Items may not be left on display areas.

Use of the name or address of the library as the official address or headquarters of an organization is prohibited.

Use of library telephones for personal calls by members of an organization is not permitted. Library staff will not deliver personal messages to organization members.

In fairness to all, a single group may not use the meeting room more than once a week, unless the room is available on a walk-in basis or arrangements have been made with the library director.

In compliance with ADA of 1990 42 U.S.C. sec 12101, service dogs (not comfort animals) are allowed to accompany patrons in the library. Colorado HB 16-1426 makes it a criminal offense to misrepresent a dog as a service dog.

Salida Regional Library does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.