Using the Library

Library cards
The library issues library cards free of charge to all persons with qualifying identification. This includes all residents in the region stretching roughly from Crestone in the south to Fairplay and Leadville in the north, and from Monarch in the west to Texas Creek in the east. We also issue cards to any Colorado state resident with a valid Colorado Library Card (CLC).

To receive a library card, bring a photo identification card with your current local address. If you are new to the area and haven’t yet switched your photo ID to your current address, bring the photo ID and something printed with your name and local address (a piece of mail, a bill, a checkbook, a pay check, a rent receipt, etc.). Please inform the library staff if your mailing address or telephone number change so that we may update our records.
Children, age 16 and under, should be accompanied by a parent, and the parent should have a valid Salida Regional Library card or the photo identification described above.

Visitors and other short-term temporary residents qualify for a visitor’s card. Please be prepared to show a photo ID and leave a $25 refundable deposit. Before leaving the area, all materials and the visitor’s card must be returned to receive the deposit.

Borrowing Privileges
Adults may borrow 20 items total. These may include any combination of books, older magazines (not the current issue), DVDs, CD books, and music CDs. This means a maximum of 20 items checked out concurrently, not 20 items checked out on each library visit.

Children aged 5 years through grade 6 may borrow as many as 10 items at a time.

Visitors may borrow 5 items of any type at a time.

CLC card holders have the same borrowing privileges as Adults (above).

Lending Periods

3 weeks –    All books, magazines, audios, DVDs, CDs, etc.

Renewals –   No renewals on NEW books. All other items may be renewed twice if and only if no one else is waiting.

INTERLIBRARY LOAN materials may NOT be renewed.

Fines for overdue materials and other fees
Fines:    25 cents per day: NEW books, audio books, & DVDs.
 Also, 25 cents per day: Interlibrary loan materials.

All other library materials are 5 cents per day.

Patrons must pay for any materials that are lost or damaged through carelessness. The charge will include the replacement cost plus a processing fee.
   When the total of outstanding fines plus fees exceeds $5.00, your borrowing privileges may be temporarily suspended until the total charge has been paid.
  We do understand that some materials fail with age and usage. Please inform us when returning a damaged item so that we may repair or replace it.

Returning Materials to the library
When possible, please return all materials to the main circulation desk.

When the library is closed or it is not possible to come inside, books and newer magazines may be placed in the book return located on the alley by the library.

 Please note: DVDs, CDs, audios, videos, sheet music, older magazines, and very old or large books should never be returned in the book return.

Our “hold” policy
If the item is present in our collection, but is not on the shelf, another patron may have it checked out. You may verify the status of any item by using the on-line library catalog or by asking at the desk. If you wish, we will place your name on a waiting list and call you when it is your turn.

 When we call you for a book, please pick it up promptly. If the book remains unclaimed for a week, we reserve the right to return it to the shelf or proceed to the next person on the waiting list. In the same spirit, when you know that others are waiting for a book, please return it immediately after you are done.

Interlibrary Loan
The Salida Regional Library participates in a cooperative loan program with most other libraries in the United States. The service is free to our patrons.

Please fill out an interlibrary loan request form and give it to the staff person at the desk,  or e-mail your request to Amy at Or you may call the library, 539-4826.

 Interlibrary loan requests may be made only for materials that the Salida Regional Library does not own or that cannot be obtained from Marmot or Prospector. Please check our collection before placing your order. If we own the item, but it is currently checked out, we would be happy to place it on hold for you (see above).

 Most requests arrive within two weeks but may take as long as six weeks. It is important to pick up Interlibrary loan materials as soon as they arrive. The lending period may be as short as ten days, though more typically three weeks, and these materials may not be renewed. You will be notified when your materials arrive.

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