The June Online Book Club choice is:


This book won the Pulitzer Prize this year and seems to be on everyone’s ‘To Read’ list. The Washington Post’s book critic called it ‘disappointing.’ Do you agree?
Do American readers have a ‘lemming complex’ when it comes to reading certain books? Do you feel like you must read The Goldfinch?

Fair warning: this book has a waiting list at the library. Book club readers who have already read it and own it may consider donating their copy to the library.

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  1. TaAnna says:

    Why do you think Tartt chose the painting, The Goldfinch, to journey with Theo through the book? Is there any symbolism in the fact that this beautiful, small bird is chained to its perch?

    I am also interested in what everyone thought of the characters. One of my favorites is Boris. Did anyone have an aversion to Boris? There seems to be some extremely harsh characters, yet, most of them have a few redeeming qualities. Did you find any redeeming qualities in Xandra? Theo’s father? Mrs. Barbour?