League of Librarians (LoL) is a chance to explore the known universe, one backpack at a time. Librarians in training earn merit badges by reading books, watching movies, and completing worksheets.

Current Merit Badges:

Below you will find the first ten merit badges your librarian can earn. Click on each badge to learn about each backpack


How to earn badges:

Read the books, watch the movies, and then reinforce new knowledge and research skills with the worksheets and activities included in each backpack.

  • Turn in your backpack to earn a white badge.
  • Fill out the worksheet to achieve a colored badge.
  • Earn a third large badge by reading three more books of your choice from the corresponding section.


Do I have to complete everything in each backpack to get a badge?

  • League of Librarians is an exploratory program. 
  • We ask that you give everything a chance, but we realize you might not watch every movie, finish every book, or complete each worksheet. 
  • Do your best!!!



  • These backpacks can count towards your summer reading minutes. 
  • At the end of the summer reading program, students who participate in the League of Librarians will receive a badge with the number of minutes they read.


Where to turn in your backpack:

Please turn in your backpack to the children’s desk. If no one is available, the front desk will be able to help. 


How to track your progress:

The children’s librarian will help you fill out a tracking sheet that we keep in a binder here at the library. We are happy to print a tracking sheet upon request. You can also track your progress at home by collecting badges on your backpack or bookbag.


What age group is the League of Librarians?

  • The current backpacks are targeted at students between the age of 8-10.
  • We have had a few littl’r librarians who have read along with older siblings or parents.
  • Older students are welcome to participate
  • We aim to expand our backpacks to encompass a larger age group. 

Please direct any further inquiries to Danielle Brown DBrown@salidalibrary.org