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Chaffee County Writers Exchange

L.V. Ditchkus, author of the Sasquatch series.


Laura Thomas, author of The Magic of Well-Being: A Modern Guide to Lasting Happiness.

Lindsey Cowherd, author of the Assassin’s Guild of Obseen, the Crystals of Syre trilogy, and My Texas Streak.

John Cameron, author of Ski Patrol in Colorado.

Joni Franks, author of Corky Tails.

Barbara Ford, Poncha Springs poet and author of Once Familiar.

Barbara hosts a weekly radio show, ‘Poets and Minstrels’, on KHEN, 106.9 FM in Salida, which livestreams on Thursdays, 5-6 PM, Mountain Time. ‘Poets and Minstrels’ is also available in the temporary KHEN archives. The two most recent shows are archived, accessible by going to the website: khen.org; click on ‘Shows’; scroll down to ‘Daily Archived Shows’ and click; a calendar will appear, click on Thursday; click on ‘Poets and Minstrels’ from the list to the left of calendar. ‘Poets and Minstrels’ has aired for over eleven years.

Bill Hatcher
Bill Hatcher is the author of Principles of Flight: Flying Bush Planes Through a World of War, Sexism, and Meat (2017) and The Marble Room: How I Lost God and Found Myself in Africa (2012). He also teaches geography and anthropology in southern Colorado, where he lives with his wife, Kim, and their cat, Mitts.

barr scott2 cmyk
Bar Scott

Thomas Kirkwood
Tom Kirkwood

Jennifer Sweete - Author
Jennifer Sweete

2010 Aug Helen 01
Helen Brieske
“My book Lars and Martha Larson from Valdres Valley, Norway, to Vernon County, Wisconsin was recognized with an “Award of Excellence” from The Heart of America Genealogical Society and Library, Inc., in Kansas City, Missouri. It also received the award “First in the State” from the Wisconsin Historical Society and Wisconsin State Genealogical Society.

“More recently it was chosen as a reference by Dr. John Philip Colletta in his lecture series for The Great Courses. He also uses it in his conference lectures across the country.

“Numerous first person interviews, countless photos, more than 2000 end notes, maps, newspaper clippings, and extensive index are worth more than just a genealogy designation. The story of why and how the emigrant couple left Norway and what the accommodations were while crossing the Atlantic and traveling to Wisconsin is worth reading. It is a family history with emphasis on history.”

Cassie Luttrell

ml rowland
M.L. Rowland

merry go round 2
Laurel McHargue

dha author photo-final
Doann Houghton

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