September Board Agenda & Minutes

Salida Regional Library Board of Trustees

Agenda – 09/27/16



  1. Call to order.


  1. Reading & approval of minutes.


  1. Discussion of financial report.
  2. Quickbooks reports.
  3. Deposit detail.
  4. Bills.
  5. Deposits & Investments.


  1. Public Comment.


  1. Reports.
  2. Reports of Officers.
  3. Report of Director.


  1. Action Items and Unfinished business.
  2. Trustee applicants: set date for “interviews”
  3. Director Evaluation: progress


  1. New Business.
  2. Sign submission discussions & how to move forward
  3. Board meeting time: do we want to keep or change?
  4. Budget


  1. Adjournment.

Salida Regional Library

Board of Trustees Meeting



The regular September meeting of the Board of Trustees was held at the Library. Three of the four Trustees were present; Dick Isenberger, Tim Sundgren, and Connie DeLuca; Susan Ragan was absent. Also present was Director Susan Matthews. President Isenberger called the meeting to order at 4:56 pm and Amanda Nye Stevenson recorded the Minutes of the meeting.



Motion by Connie DeLuca, seconded by Tim Sundgren, to approve the 08/23/16 minutes. Motion carried.


Financial Report

  • Income from copies has increased, probably due to color copies at $0.50/page.
  • Monthly reports are received from Unique Management updating the status of accounts in collections. Our representative, Melissa, has stated we have a very good recovery rate.
  • Postage-note we spent one penny less than budget


Motion by Connie DeLuca, seconded by Tim Sundgren, to approve the July financial report. Motion carried.


Deposit Detail, Payment of Bills, CD worksheet, Capital One Statement, & Payroll Report

  • Book Sale-last year the sale was in August, this year it will be held in November.
  • FZBXXcash & MM Sigma accounts are the same and double reported in error.
  • Tim would like to see 3 sections as a summary of 1 day, non-money market and ColoTrust, and a total of these two. Susan will redo the worksheet with Connie.


Motion by Tim Sundgren, seconded by Connie DeLuca to approve the 8/19-9/23/16 bills per the attached list. Motion carried.


Public Comment

  • No members of the public were present, no public comment.
  • If someone does come we need to have guidelines in place. Per Jacqueline Murphy, have the person sign-in, 5 minute speaking time, and the Board will not engage in dialogue.
  • A procedures draft will be presented at a future Board meeting.


Officer’s Report

  • No Officers’ Report


Director’s Report

  • The new fire panel is being installed. The panel was out of code and new smoke alarms were needed as well.
  • 11/18/16 the Library will close at 2:00 for a staff training day. A counselor will provide Mental Health First Aid Training.
  • All evaluations have been completed for employees employed longer than sixth months. The two newest employees will have reviews next month.
  • Susan will attend e-rate training 11/15/16. We have hired a consultant to help navigate the process. The charge will not be over $500.00 and based on a percentage of the discount received by the government. Eligibility is based on the number of Salida students receiving free or reduced lunch. Internet and phone service will be bundled. Our internet speed is expected to increase to 100 megabyte download (60 megabyte upload) from 60 megabyte download (40 megabyte upload). Additionally, our overall monthly projected cost will decrease from $360.00 to $117.00 with the e-rate supplemental money.


Action Items


Trustee applicants

  • Interviews will be scheduled for 10/13 beginning at 9:30 am lasting 45 minutes each with a 15 minute break in between. Susan will make copies of the answers to the questionnaire and cover letters. Susan will attend. The intention is to have a conversation as opposed to a ‘hot seat’ and the Board will take notes from the set of standard questions. The interviews will not be open to the public. Susan will contact the applicants and schedule.


Director Evaluation

  • Harry sent a 4 step plan. Harry will compile the replies, meet with Susan and deliver the replies, then meet with the Board. Connie and Tim would like to see the evaluations before they are delivered to Susan.


New Business


New Sign

  • Susan presented the submissions for the new sign from only one person. The proposal was for the construction, installation, and warranty of a new heavy-duty sign, no larger than the present sign. The cost proposal is ~$5,000.00. We would maintain the landscaping. The Board has mixed feelings about the submissions. Susan Matthews and Susan Ragan will meet to discuss the sign as a subcommittee and bring their ideas to the next board meeting.



  • Susan distributed a new draft with the rationale on the back.
  • The courier expense should have been $14,543 for 2016 (not 13,500) as this figure was know at the signing of the budget. The 2017 expense will be $16,480.00 and is for service period of July 2016-June 2017. In May 2016 we stopped sending new items as well as Prospector loans of DVDs and CDs. As of September, we were moved to a tier 2 lender in Marmot. Both of these changes will lower our number of shipped items, hence lowering our courier costs.
  • The budget for video was decreased. These items do circulate a lot but our space is limited. Theft has decreased by 33% since the signs saying “Smile, you are on camera” were placed on the shelves.
  • Imagination Library donation is proposed $500.00 per previous discussion. There was discussion about possibly keeping it at $1000 due to the fact it promotes early literacy and we have the money in the budget.
  • Ad Valorem tax collection estimate is based on the August letter from the County but may be more. Final tax collection estimate is sent in December.


The October meeting will be held the first week of November (11/01/16). The November meeting will be held the fifth Tuesday of the month (11/29/16).


Tim requested Board gmail accounts be established. Susan will set up and notify the Trustees.


Motion to adjourn the regular meeting at 6:21 was seconded. Motion carried.


The next regular meeting will be held at 5:00 pm 11/01/16 at the Library.






As Trustees in attendance at this meeting, we certify the correctness of the Minutes:

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