June Board Agenda & Minutes

Salida Regional Library Board of Trustees

Agenda – 6/28/16                       

  1. Call to order.


  1. Reading & approval of minutes.


  1. Discussion of financial report.
  2. Quickbooks reports.
  3. Deposit detail.
  4. Bills.
  5. Deposits & Investments.


  1. Public Comment.


  1. Reports.
  2. Reports of Officers.
  3. Report of Director.


  1. Action Items and Unfinished business.
  2. Audit cont.
  3. Discussion of how much to accept for “gifts” per MSEC (tips, gifts & gratuities)
  4. Policy review: Internet Use (sent ahead of meeting)
  5. Management records online: Policies and last year’s audit


  1. New Business.
  2. New Federal salaried employees & overtime/Personnel Policy: set a month to discuss changes and wording (before December1, 2016)
  3. Posting process for new board members.
  4. Discussion of Patron email sent to Dick Isenberg



  1. Adjournment.

Salida Regional Library

Board of Trustees Meeting



The regular June meeting of the Board of Trustees was held at the Library. Four of the five Trustees were present; Dick Isenberger, Tim Sundgren, Steve Craig, and Susan Ragan; Connie DeLuca was absent. Also present was Director Susan Matthews. President Isenberger called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm and Amanda Nye Stevenson recorded the Minutes of the meeting.



Motion by Steve Craig, seconded by Tim Sundgren, to approve the 05/24/16 minutes. Motion carried.


Financial Report

  • Invoices are not always paid in the same month from year to year.
  • Budgeted items are entered as closely as possible to the anticipated date of payment. Monthly items are entered as 1/12 of budget. It is a personal preference which budget report is most informative.
  • The budget for Janitorial services was increased for 2016 to include coverage for other anticipated cleaning projects.


Motion by Susan Ragan, seconded by Steve Craig, to approve the May financial report. Motion carried.


Deposit Detail, Payment of Bills, CD worksheet, Capital One Statement, & Payroll Report

  • The Capital One summary does not match the check written 5/16/16, this summary was in the April packet.
  • Two bonds were called this month. Currently, the funds are sitting in the money market account awaiting investment by Troy Hunsucker.


Motion by Steve Craig, seconded by Tim Sundgren to approve the 5/16/16-6/20/16 bills per the attached list. Motion carried.


Public Comment

  • No members of the public were present, no public comment.


Officer’s Report

  • No Officers’ Report


Director’s Report

  • Universal Class, an on-line resource, has been purchased for an annual cost of $1500.00. This is a program we carried in the past, the cost has dropped significantly and has been expanded. Two patrons signed-up today. Susan is going to talk with the School District to see if it could replace or supplement the currently used Odysseyware program. The courses are free to our patrons, have real instructors, and offer certificate courses. The program is approximately 10 years old, IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training) certified and non-profit. Susan mentioned 10 classes specifically in her last Mt. Mail article. Colorado Mountain College is the only option locally for continuing education and is quite costly.
  • A “Check-out Colorado” backpack has already been checked out.
  • Library in the Park had about 12-14 kids participate each week. Susan is leading the program with help from a high school staff member, Olivia.
  • Spanish Story Hour had 6 kids and their parents participate.
  • The last day to sign up for Summer Reading is July 1st. 287 children are enrolled so far with a total of 61, 521 pages read. Summer Reading concludes the end of July. There will be a party at the park with field day type stations, including a ”Bubble Soccer”(purchased cooperatively by CLiC and delivered by courier).
  • A landscaping project has been completed. The rock areas around the building have been weeded and cleaned up, replacement rocks added, the grass area reseeded on the west side, and sprinkler heads fixed.
  • The windows are scheduled to be cleaned and the building power-washed in August.
  • 4H Maker Spaces, a STEM based mobile unit will have science experiments in the park in the fall.
  • Susan has contacted the Sherriff to conduct emergency evacuation training, date TBA.
  • There was a power outage that caused an employee to be stuck in the elevator. Staff was unable to open the door as was Fire Chief Bess. Kone will instruct us how to open a stuck door on their next maintenance.
  • Susan will have prepared by the next meeting a RFP for a new front sign.


Action Items

  • Audit-The first draft of the audit is complete. Susan has one item to clarify with Jo regarding the CCOERA agreement. Susan will email to the Board the draft. July 31st is the deadline for submission to the State. Jo is not planning a meeting with the Board.
  • Employee gifts – Susan contacted MSEC to see if other libraries had any policies about receiving gifts. They had not heard of any specific libraries doing so, but gave language from Article 29 of the Colorado Constitution (Amendment 41) discussing the topic. A copy of the ethics handbook available upon request as well.
  • Internet Policy-Susan looked at other libraries’ policies; ours is similar. Dick suggested changing exhaustive to comprehensive, 4th paragraph, 2nd sentence. It was decided to keep the policy as is and re-adopt it.


Motion by Susan Ragan, seconded by Steve Craig, to readopt the Internet Use Policy. Motion carried.


  • Our policies and minutes are on the website under the Board tab.


New Business

  • Jacqueline emailed a document ‘What does SLA mean for libraries’. We will fall under the professional and white collar exemptions, which means, overtime does not have to be paid. We will need to change employee handbook to reflect any changes. Tabled to be discussed during October’s meeting.
  • Susan has the old public notice and Mt. Mail copy for the last time a new Trustee was appointed. Susan Ragan recited the text from the County website. Trustees must live within the district. A new Trustee appointment requires the County Commissioners and City Council approval but council has accepted the Library Board’s nominee in the past. City representatives do not attend our meetings as they have no status as a voting member. Approval will take 1-2 weeks. July will be Steve’s last meeting. The new appointee will finish Steve’s term, not begin a new one.       The County must confirm before the new Trustee can vote. The interview process will begin now by posting in the Mt. Mail and in the lobby. Steve will submit a formal resignation letter.
  • Tim would like to attend Troy Hunsucker’s August 9 public meeting.
  • Dick Isenberger presented a letter he received in his personal email concerning the hiring of 2 new employees shortly after Susan’s arrival. Dick waited before addressing the Board and sought the advice of Harry Bruell and Jacqueline Murphy and spoke with Susan. Susan presented the job description, applicant’s letter, and resume with Susan’s handwritten notes as well as the letter sent to applicants who did not receive an interview. The author of the letter is the husband of one of the job applicants, who also applied for the Director’s position. Dick presented his response letter. Susan Ragan liked the letter but advised that it should be pared down.       “We cannot relate specifics as the letter was written by the husband of the applicant.” Jacqueline advised to bring this matter before the Board so there is a paper trail and transparency. The Board agreed to thank Mr. Phelps for his concern, that the Board reviewed the process and found that procedures were properly followed.

Motion by Steve Craig, seconded by Susan Ragan, to respond with a simple acknowledgement stating the Board’s review of procedures and policy. Motion carried.


Motion to adjourn the regular meeting at 6:21 was seconded. Motion carried.


The next regular meeting will be held at 5:00 pm 07/26/16 at the Library.



As Trustees in attendance at this meeting, we certify the correctness of the Minutes:

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