July Board Agenda & Minutes

Salida Regional Library Board of Trustees

Agenda – 7/26/16



  1. Call to order.


  1. Reading & approval of minutes.


  1. Discussion of financial report.
  2. Quickbooks reports.
  3. Deposit detail.
  4. Bills.
  5. Deposits & Investments.


  1. Public Comment.


  1. Reports.
  2. Reports of Officers.
  3. Report of Director.


  1. Action Items and Unfinished business.
  2. Audit discussion: will be submitted before July 31.
  3. Postings sent to Mountain Mail: Trustee Posting & RFP for new sign
  4. Mr. Phelps: wrap up discussion


  1. New Business.
  2. Meeting with Troy Hunsucker
  3. Susan’s 6 month review


  1. Adjournment.

Salida Regional Library

Board of Trustees Meeting



The regular July meeting of the Board of Trustees was held at the Library. All five Trustees were present; Dick Isenberger, Tim Sundgren, Steve Craig, Susan Ragan, and Connie DeLuca. Also present was Director Susan Matthews. President Isenberger called the meeting to order at 5:05 pm and Amanda Nye Stevenson recorded the Minutes of the meeting.



Motion by Steve Craig, seconded by Tim Sundgren, to approve the 06/26/2616 minutes. Motion carried.


Financial Report

  • State Grant-in past years the expenses were not itemized. We will include a budget expense category for 2017. The grant may be used in part for digitization, depending on grant criteria. The amount varies; this year was $4,500.
  • Periodicals-Ebsco was paid in July 2015 and in May 2016.


Motion by Tim Sundgren, seconded by Connie DeLuca, to approve the June financial report. Motion carried.


Deposit Detail, Payment of Bills, CD worksheet, Capital One Statement, & Payroll Report

  • Some State Grant items were purchased on Amazon.
  • Troy Hunsucker will be coming to the Library Tuesday, August 9th, at 11 for a meeting.


Motion by Steve Craig, seconded by Sue Ragan to approve the 6/21/16-7/18/16 bills per the attached list. Motion carried.


Public Comment

  • No members of the public were present, no public comment.


Officer’s Report

  • No Officers’ Report


Director’s Report

  • The Summer Reading program has concluded.
  • Library in the Park had 12-14 participants each time; a story was read followed by an activity.
  • Spanish Story Hour had 6 kids each. Next year will be part of the regular Story Time
  • The Field Day was fun, over 60 kids showed up. Nine CLiC libraries share the 8 balls.
  • Pattie Arthur with The Rotary has asked Susan to speak at the August 8th meeting.
  • We will have a table at Culture Night at the Community Center, this Thursday 7-8:30
  • Amy Dunn is moving to Pueblo. Most hours will be covered by current staff.
  • Starting the week of August 15th the windows and outside of the building will be cleaned.
  • Also on August 15, the new PC reservation system will be installed. The computer lab will be closed for the day. Signs will be posted and Susan’s Mountain Mail article will alert the public.


Action Items


  • The audit is complete and Susan will forward the copy. Susan sent Jo the Investment Policy and the comment on page 25 was restated to acknowledge the policy.
  • The amount of funds considered restricted in the Endowment Fund was arbitrary. Amanda did leg work for determining the exact amount.


Motion by Connie DeLuca, seconded by Susan Ragan, to accept the 2015 audit. Motion carried.


Trustee Appointment

  • So far one application has been received. A flyer was added to the window, a PSA will run on the radio, and the date has been extended 2 weeks to August 10th. Susan will post in public places in town as well.

New Sign RFP

  • August 24th is the deadline. Three packets have been picked up so far. Jimmy Descant posted on his Facebook page a complaint that the Arts Council was not informed. No budget or milestones were discussed.

Mr. Phelps

  • A response letter has been signed.
  • Dicks notes will be stored in the file Susan is keeping.

Motion by Tim Sundgren, seconded by Susan Ragan, to approve the response letter. Motion carried.


New Business

Susan’s review

  • Harry Brull will be conducting a six-month review. He will contact the Board members directly.

Board Binder

  • Susan will print updated policies.

Trustee Resignation

  • Steve Craig submitted his resignation letter effective July 27th, 2016.
  • Tim presented a certificate and gift bag on behalf of the Board. Steve was a pleasure to work with and will be missed as a member and friend.

Motion by Susan Ragan, seconded by Connie DeLuca, to accept Steve Craig’s resignation letter.


A special meeting will be called to interview for the Trustee position.


Motion to adjourn the regular meeting at 5:45 was seconded. Motion carried.


The next regular meeting will be held at 5:00 pm 08/23/16 at the Library.



As Trustees in attendance at this meeting, we certify the correctness of the Minutes:

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