August Board Agenda & Minutes

Salida Regional Library Board of Trustees

Agenda – 08/23/16



  1. Call to order.


  1. Reading & approval of minutes.


  1. Discussion of financial report.
  2. Quickbooks reports.
  3. Deposit detail.
  4. Bills.
  5. Deposits & Investments.


  1. Public Comment.


  1. Reports.
  2. Reports of Officers.
  3. Report of Director.


  1. Action Items and Unfinished business.
  2. Trustee Position: review letters of interest
  3. Director evaluation
  4. Meeting with Troy Hunsucker recap


  1. New Business.
  2. Staff evaluations: show the evaluation tools
  3. Board meeting time: do we want to keep or change?
  4. Budget first glance


  1. Adjournment.

Salida Regional Library

Board of Trustees Meeting



The regular August meeting of the Board of Trustees was held at the Library. Three of the four Trustees were present; Dick Isenberger, Susan Ragan, and Connie DeLuca; Tim Sundgren was absent. Also present was Director Susan Matthews. President Isenberger called the meeting to order at 5:07 pm and Amanda Nye Stevenson recorded the Minutes of the meeting.



  • Discussion regarding Amy Dunn leaving: Cassie Baldauf will work flex hours, Julie Spezze is working 1 day/week, Amy Potts and Ann Marie are covering the other shifts.

Motion by Susan Ragan, seconded by Connie DeLuca, to approve the 07/26/16 minutes. Motion carried.


Financial Report

  • Page 7-A janitorial expense needs to be moved to janitorial supplies account.
  • Windows are being cleaned this week including inside and out, screens, sills, and storms.


Motion by Connie DeLuca, seconded by Susan Ragan, to approve the July financial report. Motion carried.


Deposit Detail, Payment of Bills, CD worksheet, Capital One Statement, & Payroll Report


Motion by Susan Ragan, seconded by Connie DeLuca to approve the 7/19-8/18/16 bills per the attached list. Motion carried.


  • A new bond with JP Morgan Chase has been established at 1.25%, maturing 08/19, with a balance of $208K.
  • The remainder of the funds to be distributed are in the money market account.


Public Comment

  • No members of the public were present, no public comment.


Officer’s Report

  • No Officers’ Report


Director’s Report

  • PC Reservation is the new reservation software for the users of our computer lab. This program was installed 8/15/16 and is up and running. Mostly, users are happy; it is easy to use, and there is no more tapping on the shoulder and asking people to leave. A warning box lets users know at 5,10, and 15 minutes before their time expires. A guest pass is good for 30-minute/day use; patrons have up to 2 hours. So far, 42 new patron cards have been issued which will result in more accurate statistics when reporting users of the Library. There was a one-time set-up fee and a representative from CLiC helped install free-of-charge. The cost is $8/computer/year=$80.00 annually.
  • September is National Library card sign-up month. Susan is working with the schools to encourage new patron enrollment.
  • On Facebook we have started a new Book Review section for ages 5-17.
  • E-rate is a program available to public libraries for government funds to improve internet speed. They will pay up to 80% of telephone and internet costs. Susan will attend the training in Colorado Springs in November. Portable hot spots are also an option that Susan can look into. Half of Salida kids do not have internet access at home.
  • Entries for the new sign are due tomorrow. Susan will email the options to the Board.
  • Mango currently has 125 users; 29 are new from June-8/22/16.
  • Universal Class has 58 users.
  • The Book Sale will be scheduled November or December as long as there are volunteers to set-up and deal with the aftermath. We have a volunteer who sorts donated items daily and then they are scanned for Thrift Book purchase (Thrift Books pays shipping) prior to being sorted for the Book Sale. So far we have received checks from Thrift Books of: June $54.82, July $80.50, and August $182.00.
  • Susan spoke at the Rotary Club meeting.


Action Items

Trustee Appointment

  • We have received 4 applications: Cheryl Pearce-Trujillo, Carol Mackelvie, Mary Ann Mills, and Patti Arthur; all live in-district. We may have the old questionnaires. Interviews will be kept to half an hour and conducted all in 1 day. Jacqueline Murphy with the State Library is a good resource for suggestions for interviewing. Amanda will attempt to find the notes from previous interviews and ask Jeff if he was present. Steve’s term was to expire in 2017; Susan’s expires this year.


October Meeting

  • The October meeting will be held Tuesday, November 1st. The November meeting will be held Tuesday, November 29th to accommodate the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Trustee interviews will be held in October. Susan will scan and email and respond to applicants.


Director Evaluation

  • The employee portion of the Director Evaluation is due by 9/2/16 to Harry Brull. The Boards’ were due last week.



  • Troy Hunsucker visited the Library and advised that we continue with our plan; one year on-hand liquid, use the 3-year ladder, and stay conservative. He does not believe interest rates will increase now but slowly in December. He also felt the month that funds were not invested actually worked in our favor.


New Business

Staff Evaluations

  • Susan begun an evaluation process. Each staff who has been employed longer than six months will complete their own evaluation, 2 peers will evaluate(one the employee chooses, the other Susan picks) and Susan will compile and conduct a formal evaluation. Susan has created an Evaluation Rubric based on Job Duties; Library Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Children’s Librarian, and Acquisitions/Technical Services. The rubric is scaled 1-5. Susan distributed samples. Evaluations will be conducted annually. As this is a new process as a tool for feedback and training, raises this year will not be tied to the evaluations but will be taken into consideration in future years.


Board Meeting Time

  • Tabled until new Trustees can determine but earlier in the day is OK with current Trustees.



  • Susan distributed the first draft of the 2017 budget. The numbers in red are not yet known but a conservative guess is entered. Susan has been tracking material expenses by approving all purchases.
  • For 2017 expect increases in advertising and programing.
  • Facilities needs include new storm windows, ceiling fans, and replace broken blinds.
  • Susan will check with Nick Doren to see if he anticipates any repair needs. In looking forward to the use of the rental property, community space is highly desired as well as more computers and work areas for patrons. Additional ideas include an archive space, Colorado Room, front porch seating, and a covered staff walkway between buildings.
  • Payroll expenses are down 1.95% for 2016. Susan will prepare a worksheet to evaluate but anticipates an increase of 2-3.5%.
  • Kristin and Susan have been working on a technology plan which may need an increase in this budget category as well.



Motion to adjourn the regular meeting at 6:16 was seconded. Motion carried.


The next regular meeting will be held at 5:00 pm 09/27/16 at the Library.



As Trustees in attendance at this meeting, we certify the correctness of the Minutes:

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