April Board Agenda & Minutes

Salida Regional Library Board of Trustees

Agenda – 4/26/16                                   

  1. Call to order.


  1. Reading & approval of minutes.


  1. Discussion of financial report.
  2. Quickbooks reports.
  3. Deposit detail.
  4. Bills.
  5. Deposits & Investments.


  1. Public Comment.


  1. Reports.
  2. Reports of Officers.
  3. Report of Director.


  1. Action Items and Unfinished business.
  2. Audit
  3. Account Signatures
  4. CD worksheet update (error: missing formula)
  5. Go over “Safe Child” and “Patron Behavior” policies


  1. New Business.
  2. Policy for postings in entrance area



  1. Adjournment.

Salida Regional Library

Board of Trustees Meeting


The regular March meeting of the Board of Trustees was held at the Library. All five Trustees were present; Dick Isenberger, Tim Sundgren, Susan Ragan, Connie DeLuca and Steve Craig. Also present was Director Susan Matthews. President Isenberger called the meeting to order at 5:05 pm and Steve Craig recorded the Minutes of the meeting.


Motion by Steve Craig, seconded by Connie DeLuca to approve the 03/22/16 minutes. Motion carried.

Financial Report

  • Approved with minor questions resolved.

Motion by Connie DeLuca, seconded by Susan Ragan, to approve the March financial report. Motion carried.

Deposit Detail, Payment of Bills, CD worksheet, Capital One Statement, & Payroll Report

Motion by Steve Craig, seconded by Tim Sundgren to approve the 3/18- 4/21/16 bills as per the attached list. Motion carried.

  • Overdue Material report: handout given to board members for 1st Qtr CY 2016; discussed the collections agency process, dollars spent/dollars collected.
  • Investment report: Susan mentioned she had met with Jeff and discussed how he came up with his budget estimates on interest income.

Public Comment

  • No members of the public were present, no public comment.

Officer’s Report

  • No Officers’ Report

Director’s Report

  • Open discussion on PLA and Marmot Council meetings.
  • May 12th a New Director meeting will be held by CliC, May 13 Colorado Association of Library Directors meeting, same location (Vail).
  • New Staff members (2 Part time) added.
  • Some new programs to run alongside current summer programs: Spanish Story Time, Library in the Park, and Culture Night.
  • Courier: SRL is conducting a 3 month trial of not loaning its’ DVDs and CDs through Prospector. Doing trial to see if courier costs go down at all. Also thinking that keeping new titles in house for 3 months will decrease the number of loans through Marmot.
  • Having a Volunteer meeting on Wednesday 4/27 at 4:15.
  • Faye Golson will take over as volunteer to run the “Arts at the Library” program.
  • Working on finalizing the rubric for staff Performance Evaluations.
  • Will need to start thinking about landscape ideas for the library once our sprinkler system is turned on: identify areas of need.

Action Items

a. Audit: Will be May 9th

b. Account Signatures: all completed

c. CD worksheet update: was taken care of; there was a missing formula in one of the cells.

d. Safe Child & Behavior Policies:

-No changes in Safe Child policy

-Behavior Policy revised with minor changes. Changes recommended and adopted: Steve Craig moved to accept the changes, Susan Ragan seconded the motion.

New Business

a. Policy for postings in entrance area: board reviewed Director’s draft, identified some changes and approved as amended. Motion by Susan Ragan, seconded by Connie DeLuca. Final draft to be emailed to board members.

b. Dick Isenberger brought up the subject of non resident users using the Salida Regional Library. He wanted discussion and thoughts about how to have them pay their fair share. Discussion revolved around tax districts and their borders,. Some questions brought up for discussion were: Does Fremont County have a tax to a library? How many Salida Library tax payers are there?

Susan will look into getting some information from the assessors office to further the discussion at the next meeting.

Motion to adjourn the regular meeting at 6:31 was seconded. Motion carried.

The next regular meeting will be held at 5:00 pm 05/24/16 at the Library.

As Trustees in attendance at this meeting, we certify the correctness of the Minutes:

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